Welllll bu trin. Why did it take so long for us to be introduced?!!

I feel so good. I feel like nothing is wrong, was wrong, and will ever be wrong. I feel great every morning and every night, and it’s because of Wellbutrin! I can’t think of anything negative or bad. I want to run in a field of flowers and hug people.

Weird, right?

Weird that a week of taking meds, I feel good. A little too good.. When is the crash and burn? When does the bad feeling come back? Now, I am doing thing that I have been putting off for a long time, and finally getting back to me.

But.. is it the real me?

8 thoughts on “Well…I’m WELL on WELLBUTRIN

  1. That sounds worrisome. Even the so-called normal need to be able to process and accept the bad in life. If you aren’t processing it, it has got to build up. Talk about your dosage before you plummet, don’t get addicted to the no-worries feeling. It is a lie.


  2. Dunno…. they just put me on Wellbutrin as well but I”m not having that reaction which would be awesome. Just sprung from the hospital – maybe it takes time. I think the drug that does the heavy lifting for me is Resperidol (sp??) though I’m curious to see what affect it has when combined with Wellbutrin. I hope this works out for you. You deserve a break.


  3. Oh dear, my brother get like this on his manic phase, right before he gets a little too manic and ends up feeling irritated with tonnes of energy but can’t concentrate long enough to do anything with it! I hope you find the right meds soon so you can get back to knowing you 🙂 x


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