Antidepressants for ALL!

People are so easy to share (with me, because my superpower is communication) that they were (KEYWORD!) on antidepressants but the got off of them.

I don’t know if I should complain that you told me and then quickly told me that you got off them OR be happy that you told me you were on antidepressants..

This all coming after I confessed that I’m feeling really depressed and that’s probably why I lost 30 pounds..

Does and has everyone taken antidepressants? And if so WHY ISN’T mental illnesses widely talked about and understand…ed?!

I’m not on antidepressants.

I should be.

I’m not on anything..(well)..but who am I to judge her anyway? Mental illness, whatever face and shape it takes, is real.

Maybe I’m just jealous she got OFF them when some people can never stop taking them, or can’t get them in he first place. ✌🏿


I feel weirder than ever.

I’m tired but yet hype

I’m thinking about things that need to be done, then switching it, switching, forgetting about the it, coming back to it.

I’m feeling my weight loss and I feel like I’m feeling myself too much. Time to get out of control.

I’m doing things I should NOT be doing.

I’m just tired y’all.

Hello Prozac,..I mean, Fluoxetine

So I am on Prozac now. Actually I am on a generic med called Fluoxetine.

It is making me sleepy, and hungry, but not angry, depressed, or sad. I don’t know how much I like it yet. While I was on Wellbutrin I felt energized, fit, healthy, and on track. This makes me feel on track, but about 5pm I feel so sleepy and take naps. Then I am up until 2am.

Well I have only been on it for 5 days, so we will see how this goes…

Other than that, I am waiting to hear back from jobs, but I am thinking if they haven’t called me back yet, they probably won’t.


and I was so looking forward to work with retail customers again…


oh well, on to the next one…

Goodbye Wellbutrin

Well its SAYONARA to Wellbutrin.

It was an okay med, but it has to go! I have an appt today with my med doctor, and I’m going to try and switch up.

The good side that I like is:

  • I haven’t feel that bad in a long time (other than last night)
  • I haven’t been eating as much shitty foods
  • I have been on task and track with things I need to do throughout my day
  • It has helped me stop smoking and drinking because every time I did I felt like shit
  • It give me energy in the mornings

The bad side:

  • I get kind of bad a headaches every other day
  • I don’t feel sexual AT ALL.
  • I can not have an orgasm AT ALL.
  • Did I say it gives me shitty headaches..

I mean the good over weights the bad, but I don’t feel like having to take headache meds every freaking day. Plus, I want to feel like I’m not taking anything, and on this med, I feel like I am all the time.

Well.. goodbye Wellbutrin. You were great, but you were a headache (ha!, see what I did there. Did I tell you about the headaches…?)


After listening to your comments on the last post I’ve made…and feeling how I am feeling..

Meds sucks.

I feel super hype at night before bed. My heart is pounding, my mouth is dry and I’m always so thirsty! I feel uncontrollable happy, and my head is ringing with a slight headache ever night. The worst is the energy that I can’t seem to burn off.

The good side is I’ve really stopped smoking. I don’t have a craving for anything, and I THINK I have lost weight. I’m not eating as much anymore.

UGH! I want to stop taking it, but my doctor told me this medicine is one that you can not just stop taking, you have to slowly come down off of it.

Today though, you can be proud of me, well I’m PROUD OF MYSELF. I was feeling really depressed/angry today, and my husband was trying to cheer me up, but I was just snapping on him and being a bitch. I felt really down about a few other things and it built up. Well, he left the house to leave me alone, and I called him just before he left the parking space because I REFUSE TO SIT IN THE HOUSE BY MYSELF, AND BE DEPRESSED OR SAD ANYMORE! I REFUSE! I will not give up on myself, and give into my shitty feeling mode. So, I left the house, got into the car, and went out with him. I kind of a had a semi-breakdown in the car, but never mind that I GOT OUT and changed the way I was feeling. I had a really good night after all, and now know that it might not be ME that makes me feel depressed, but its ME that stays depressed…

Please, if your feeling depressed or sad, GET OUT, move around, go outside, and join life. You will see that even though you hate it, its better than sitting alone…dying.

Lesson learned. Now, if I can only do something quicker about these meds….


Welllll bu trin. Why did it take so long for us to be introduced?!!

I feel so good. I feel like nothing is wrong, was wrong, and will ever be wrong. I feel great every morning and every night, and it’s because of Wellbutrin! I can’t think of anything negative or bad. I want to run in a field of flowers and hug people.

Weird, right?

Weird that a week of taking meds, I feel good. A little too good.. When is the crash and burn? When does the bad feeling come back? Now, I am doing thing that I have been putting off for a long time, and finally getting back to me.

But.. is it the real me?

Does your Spouse care? Mine…

Today is my week and 2 days not smoking. Its hard! Especially when your with friends that smoke. Last night was the biggest test for myself…and.


No literally, I passed it around to someone else. Neither my husband or I lit up, which is a great feeling. I finally feel like I have a gasp on something. Well that all went way as soon as. I got home. My husband…


My husband isn’t a motivator or an acknowledger, will never be a motivator or an acknowledger, and I need to remember this from now on.

We got in a huge fight (which I will tell you I didn’t feel that angry about at all, and kind still don’t) about him not acknowledging me NOT smoking. We got into the car, and about 15 mins into going home I turn to him and say “good job on not smoking!”. He said thanks. I waited for him to say it back, but he didn’t. I then ask him if he was going to tell me it back and he BLOWS UP! Saying he was going to do it on his own time, and now it means nothing if he says it, and that I’m going to hold it over his head forever.

The funny thing is, I think he only got mad because he wasn’t going to say it at all. He wasn’t even thinking about saying it. The other day he even asks why I even keeping track of my non-smoking days..

I guess my challenges are not significant enough for him to acknowledge? Maybe I’m asking too much from him to say good job to me? Maybe he just doesn’t seem to notice how much good I’m doing for myself…but should he?

Should he motivate and encourage me through stuff that’s really my problem anyways?

After all was done, He got really really mad that I didn’t say good night to him before going to bed, but I told him that I would do it in my own time….like him…

How much are spouses suppose to care??

P.s.: HAPPY WEEK AND TWO DAYS TO ME! Feeling good!


So I finally got prescribed meds and she gave me:


WELLBUTRIN (echo…echo…echo)

Is anyone on this drug? How does it make you feel? On the fun med site that I like to use they say

“Being marketed by Glaxo sales reps, and Dr. Drew, as the “happy, horny, skinny pill.”

Is this a good thing? If it was that kind of pill, wouldn’t everyone be trying it? 

I have to take it once a day, in the morning, and then see how it goes. She warned me about headaches that can happen with it. 

I’m scared. This is my first time ever taking an anti-depressant, and well…

What do you think?



ps. here’s the site to the Wellbutrin page: