I have a MENTAL ILLNESS. Its NOT ME. This blog proves it.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been out of town so yesterday I just found out that my blog was recognized by GoodTherapy.org I saw you were there too and want to take the time to congratulate you on your success. It’s well deserved, I’m sure.


      • I do believe that you are the first blog that I have come across that scares me. The responsibility that you are taking here, the absolute and crucial dedication that you must follow in order to protect not yourself but those that are depending on you is more than most would be able to understand. Those that write here, simple sentences and brief paragraphs about not taking medication or not feeling like there are those that know exactly what they are going through, are writing for many reasons. Some may need someone to reach out to them and recognize that they too are important; and some simply may need to get their own truth off their chest. Whatever the reason, I sincerely hope (is there a word with more weight than hope?) that you recognize that those with mental illness are not a reason to get an award nor are they a reason to get another follower.
        This blog while showing promise must guarantee it. If it can’t, I hope that you will invest time and energy in finding a monitor or simply someone who can respond to those that are here and suffering. Don’t let a post go by that needs answering. Don’t let a single thought from a stranger screaming so loud for an acknowledgement of their pain be ignored. The consequences aren’t simply a lost writer, but the promise of a lost life.
        Good luck. What you are doing may be the best thing for the mental health community, but only if you are willing to not just give someone a place to speak but in giving someone a place to be heard.


      • I reply to everyone to responds to a post. Things have changed for me. I’m not the once horrible mentally liked women I was, I’m not crying and angry all the time. So now that I have this new found love in using it until it rolls over again and that’s a great thing for this blog. This blog started for me and only me to understand how and why but it has grown into something that I never knew . I want to keep writing but how do you write when you feel so different. Now it’s ma raining and if not writing will help me maintain the won’t. There are a lot of blood out there with the same issues I face and I would love for you and others to have other blogs to go to as well! Thanks for loving this blog and for making me realize that I need to step up my game 🙂


  2. It takes an incredible amount of courage to stand up to your illness and refusing to let it define you. You are to be commended for being such a positive role model for the mental health community. Take care!


  3. We’re people first, not our diagnosis. I am not bipolar, any more than I am the flu (which I do happen to have right now…because it’s almost Christmas, and that’s how I roll). Just stumbled onto your blog, and I’m intrigued. Will be following along.


  4. Hello there! Great site you have here. I am a 33 year old girl who is a lawyer, wife and suffers from Bipolar 1 Disorder. I’ve just started my new blog. I’d like to share it with you and if you like it, maybe you could share it with your readers. I’d be happy to link back to your site on my blog. Us crazies have to stick together, right? Thanks! My website is http://www.my-carousel.com


  5. Our presenter yesterday at the mental health seminar stressed this concept. She gets so upset when people make comments like “He’s a schizo!” or even, “He’s schizophrenic” instead of saying “He has schizophrenia.” We don’t say, “She’s cancer!” or “He’s heart disease!” It’s a subject about which many people need educating. Thanks for visiting me! Gail at Making Life An Art


    • No thank you! This blog was and is still for me to understand what’s going on with my brain. I never thought people would read it and help me! Pretty sweet! I’m going to check out the film. Thank for sharing awareness!


  6. Hello, there! I have no personal experience with BP, but it’s something I’m keen to understand better. I have struggled with various degrees of depression. I would describe my last, most severe experience with it as being trapped in a vortex of mind games, lies, and self-loath. For the veil to be lifted, be it occasionally or for good, is truly a miracle. I look forward to learning more from your experiences and insights! Stay strong! (P.S. If you’re interested, I blog about mental health, life, and faith.)


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