Internship over and I’m okay!

I worked so hard that my boss was impressed with me and even gave me a gift basket at the end with really good goodies. 

I rocked it. And I took my medicine the whole time.

I could see that the city was getting to me. Mentally and psychically. I was getting irritated and just down the right not in a good mood the last few days. I don’t like feeling like that so I know it’s my environment that helps as well.

I will be going back in February and I’m really excited to be asked to. I’ll just make sure to know how to take care of myself and to make sure to take my medicine the whole time.

I’m back!!!

2 thoughts on “Internship over and I’m okay!

  1. I’m soon glad to hear this! That’s wonderful that you did such a great job (I’m not surprised) and you know I’m proud of you for taking the meds… you got a fab gift basket – that’s huge praise from an employer! 😉 You learned a lot from this experience, i.e. how your environment affects you etc.

    So happy for you, my dear! XOXOXO


  2. Hi! I think that medication gives me something like a protective coat. It’s not perfect though and surely balance/harmony in key areas of life is just as important. I wish you good luck!


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