Paul Gascoigne – Soccer Player Living With Mental Illness

Mind, Body, and Soul

According to an article in FOX Sports, many footballers, including Paul Gascoigne, are currently experiencing mental health problems.

Paul Gascoigne

Did you know one in four footballers (or soccer players as they are know in the U.S.) are living with symptoms of anxiety and depression? Conditions for those exiting the league are even worse. One in three retired football players admitted showing signs of anxiety and depression.

With such alarming statistics, why aren’t more people talking about this issue? Why is mental health (once again) being brushed aside?

STIGMA. The stigma that haunts mental illness is almost always a part of why serious consideration isn’t given on these issues. Had a footballer suffered from a season-ending knee injury, people far and wide would be aghast but one mention of depression, and everyone shuts their mouths. In a world where strength and athleticism triumph all, mental health is pushed aside because of the taboo that it is…

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