A Lie is a Lie

I caught someone in a lie today. They don’t know I KNOW they are lying.

Also, my bosses at work want me to LIE about who I am in order to get along with them.

My landlord LIED on text message saying that we are “always late on the rent”. We have never been late ONCE in 2 years.

These things should bother me. They should make me so upset that I cuss and scream, and show off.

but.. nope. I am letting these things ride. I mean, don’t things come in 3s? My mother told me its the medication, I agreed. Real me, would have: called out the liar (with a mega curse at the end), Told my phony bosses to shove it up theirs, and went to my landlord house with all my receipts and dared him to EVER TEXT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN.. but.. nope.

You catch more things with honey.

3 thoughts on “A Lie is a Lie

Rant on, my friends!

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