People here, People there, People everywhere are BIPOLAR!

A lot of people around me have mental illnesses, or have a family member with mental illness.

I am seriously not alone.

Its weird. When I started this blog, I thought this would be the only collection of mentally-illed thoughts, but NO, there are millions of us, aren’t there?

I must be holding the illness radar because people I haven’t seen in years have come out to me and talked to me about an illness that they are connected to.

I listen, but I never tell them my secret, but I am willing to talk to them about my mother situations…What is wrong with me? I finally feel like I can shout it to the rooftops, but I always seem to find myself stopping. I’m a fraud.

Actually, I feel more like a fraud than ever….this is a subject for another post, but, I have insurance now, so I can go to the doctor again. My husband says I should go soon, but I am ….I really don’t want to go.

I’M SO OUTRAGE BY INSURANCE PEOPLE AND INSURANCE LIFE that I don’t want to give in anymore. I don’t want their help. I don’t want to see an expensive doctor, who in the end is just going to prescribe me expensive ass medicine, that will fuck up my mood, time, day,…life. I don’t want to go through that all over again.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… people have mental illnesses everywhere, and..I’M BECOMING A BIPOLAR ROUGE!

One thought on “People here, People there, People everywhere are BIPOLAR!

  1. It’s wonderful to hear you’re well connected with people in person who have mental illness. On a different post, you mentioned you’re looking for a new doctor and therapist. I found both of mine through word of mouth, I found the doctor and therapist that were a good fit for me via the people who told me about them who liked them and seemed to have a similar way of ticking that I did. Ideally, the doctor/therapist should be a good one in competency and be compatible with you as a person.

    Also, if you’re hospitalized, sometimes they can give a decent recommendation. I found my first psychiatrist through the hospital, and she was very competent, but not a good fit. My therapist later found me another one that was.

    If you get stuck with professionals who don’t work well with you, ask them to refer you to someone they think will. In saying that, give them a fair chance, first.

    I’m a big believer in word of mouth with this quest to find “the ones” responsible for my therapies. You can’t exactly browse ads in the paper or online to find them.

    I have bipolar I myself. Cheers!


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