How do you find a doctor?

Is it like a Pokemon battle?


How do you find a good therapist?

Is it really just random where you pick a person and go for it?

There has to be a better way.

Well, today, I am looking to find someone who is going to help me, and who I’m going to like. I called the wrong type of doctor and the lady on the phone told me that this was the wrong type of practice!


There has to be a better way!

4 thoughts on “How do you find a doctor?

  1. I can’t beleive such a response from a doctor practice, I woulda have thought every general practice has space and attention for any and every psychological disorder, or at least take you in, and then have the doctor point you in the right direction, show plans available, etc. Waht country are you based in? Here ins Australia, at least in my state, we go tot he GP, he puts us on a psychology plan and we are givn 10 free psychology appointments for a period of twelve months. Unfrotuante to say, the therapist I have recently seen, treats me like a stupid dog I find and I despise her. I have another session with her I think, but if she continues and goes straight over my head ignoring everything I’m trying ot tell her and trying to change the subject, etc. I will be walking out!
    So in the end, sorry, I don’t know how to pick a good therapist?


  2. Oh, my fellow blogger, I could share so many stories with you about finding a “good” therapist and doctor. Since the age of 10 (I’m currently 25), I’ve seen over a dozen therapists and doctors. There are not enough of them trained to effectively treat bipolar, unfortunately. However, finding a decent therapist isn’t as difficult as finding a psychiatrist. I would suggest finding a therapist certifiably trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It’s a therapeutic approach that’s quite successful in managing many, many, MANY mental disorders. It’s probably the MOST successful approach to date, actually. I just Googled, “CBT therapists,” and found this website, which may or may not be helpful to you: There are also websites in which patients “rate” therapists and doctors. Personally, I wouldn’t go by them, entirely, for many reasons. The biggest reason: We’re all different people with different expectations and different “demons.” As with most forms of treatment, CBT is only successful if the person puts in the time and effort. It’s not a cure, but neither are psych meds. It’s worth trying out, though, in my opinion. Best of luck.


      • No problem! If you need any additional help or advice on things such as medication and the latest theories on how to treat bipolar or what causes it, etc, email me at Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find docs who keep up with the latest research. One would assume they’re quite busy, ya know? That’s why we need to educate ourselves a bit and help each other out.


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