The wonderful thing about TRIGGERS, are triggers are ANGRY things!

Some of these are silly, I know, but they are some ideas of my anger triggers. I wanted to write them down, so I can look back at them and really decide if they are real or not. It’s hard for me to see a trigger because I get some angry so quickly, and then afterward so depressed for being so angry. What a cycle…a rapid cycle. OMG! Shit! I’m a rapid cycler!! Shit! Shit! shit…

This means to me that my bipolar is really out of hand, and that without help soon I might be a danger to my relationships and work AGAIN, Well here goes…

My anger triggers:
When I’m hurt
When I feel wrong
When things don’t go my way (ex: when someone doesn’t show up, or isn’t home when I need them)
When I feel irritated
When I come down from working, and putting on the “happy face”
When my menstrual cycle is approaching
When I watch TV. I hate watching people with more than me.

This is a to be continued list.

Do you bad any of the same triggers? What are yours?

3 thoughts on “The wonderful thing about TRIGGERS, are triggers are ANGRY things!

  1. oh Lord most of those are my triggers too. I’m triggered by almost everything because I take everything so damn personally. I can’t wait for my Emotional Modulation Therapy to really kick in good so I can be less triggered and be less explosively angry.
    If I listed all my triggers I’d need a new blog lol 😀


  2. I use triggers to see where I’m at. It takes a LOT of control that I don’t always have but even that tells me something if I can be inquisitive enough to my condition. When I was medicated I liked how I could be happy about happy and sad about sad, angry for upsetting things and glad for the fortunate. For a while I had to “learn” emotion and I got the hang of it, now I compare and contrast. How I respond to triggers has gone back to my old defaults of where I’m at and I now have a clearer picture of what state I’m in. Does it breeze over or do I dwell on it? Good and bad seem like the same thing when I’m in one state or another, and when they mix… well that’s a new one for me and I’m still trying to get a handle on it myself.


    • I remember being given an ’emotion wheel’ by a psychologist because I did only angry, depressed an numb. I’m still in the process of learning what emotion I’m having and not just chucking it under the umbrella of ‘angry’ and so on.
      It’s a great idea what you’re doing, using your triggers positively, Shems


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