2 job, no offer..

So, those two jobs that I had in the works last week… well they are gone.

One job didn’t hire me because I had two moving violations in too close of time frame for them.

The other… the other… I didn’t pass my drug test.

I feel horrible, but then again I feel like there is nothing I can do. Smoking weed helps me relieve all my ailments from this disease.

Is that a cope out?

Well FUCK if it is and FUCK if its not. I use it, and will continue to use it until I get seen by a doctor. When I have insurance in Sept.

So where am I now? I had a nice miracle happen to me yesterday. I went to this local coffee shop yesterday morning. My good friend Nicholas works there and they just so happened to be losing two people. Nicholas told his manager I need a job and I think I might be HIRED! Its only 7.25, but it will probably be more than 40 hours around a while, but I DON’T CARE! i need this.

I am still stressed out of my ass, but I don’t think for me that will ever go away..

I’m just glad to be getting out of this house, out of my mind, and back into the world. Hopefully this time it will be different.

3 thoughts on “2 job, no offer..

  1. Any job is a good job in today’s climate – especially if you’re eager and stable enough to work. Remember that more opportunities are just around the corner. Life is long and there is plenty of time to switch directions and eventually pursue the career that is ideal to you.


  2. Scary stuff you letting out here. I wish you all the best. Note: don’t underestimate doctors. The majority could be expensive assholes but there’s this selfless minority of practicing psychiatrists that are worth finding.


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