Mental Ilness is scary

I just witnessed mental illness firsthand,other than my family and myself.

Sitting on the train and this lady is moving back and forth, seeming very aggravated. Suddenly out of nowhere she starts cussing and yelling about this woman on the train who didn’t even say a word. A minute later she apologizes to my brother and I saying that she was sorry she yelled but she feeling constricted and the lady was looking at her (which she wasn’t). It scared me a little until I realized that my old friend mental illness was around, I then felt completely normal.

Mental illness is scary when it is sudden, but it’s always there, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Mental Ilness is scary

  1. It would be hard for me to be near the woman (“There but for the grace of God go I” would go through my mind) but I’d feel even worse that she had to go through that agony. How extraordinary of her to apologize….I wouldn’t have expected that!

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