#mhsm chat Wed Sept 3rd Let’s Talk about Recovery!

Love this graphic and the transcript. Please take a moment to read and share. Share and read!

MHSM chat

List of Stress Relief ActivitiesT-shirt inscribed with This is what RECOVERY looks like

What a great chat we had! Take a moment and read the transcript: http://t.co/XG8MBF6Xww

Upcoming Chats:

Sept 10th: Self-management for suicide prevention in bipolar, with host @unsuicide and guest @CREST_BD! Join us  Wed @ 8pm ET

Sept 17th : Mental Health & Nutrition with @MentalHealthFL! Join us Wed @ 8pm ET

Sept 24th: Lessons we can learn from suicide attempt survivors with @deseraestage! Join us Wed @ 8pm ET

Oct 1st: ADHD Awareness with @Jeff_Emmerson! Join us Wed @ 8pm ET ;

Oct 8th: Mental Illness Awareness Week with @MHSMChat (Cindy)

Oct 15th: Topic and chat leader to be determined

Oct 22nd: Topic to be determined with @giasison @nursefriendly @NatriceR co-hosting!

Oct 29th: No chat since this is th 5th Wed of the month

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