Unexpected Hospital Visit

My mom tried to kill herself…again.

The only way my mother feels self worth is through money. Even though she has multiple problems in her life and mind, she thinks the way to solve them is money.

I am the same way, I think.

My mom tried to kill herself because she thought she had no way out. No way out of her money problems, her mental illnesses, and her relationship. She got mad at me because I couldn’t fix the choices she made.

An immediate fix is what she wanted, and now she is going to stay in the pysch ward for probably a week. I’m scared for her. I’m scared because I don’t think my mother is going to live past 2013. How can I help her when her mind is so far gone? How can I tell her money doesn’t equal sanity. Money equals more problems, more hell.

I’m sitting in the hospital thinking about how the last time I was here, I thought my mom would die. That this was it. I got another chance with her and I messed it up.

I called my friend today, when the cops came, and told her I needed to talk because my mom was going crazy. She told me her mom killed herself this morning.

Talk about a wake up call…