Finally I feel good.

But watch out. This is only a mirage. A show. An act. I am an Leo, acting is in the blood. I’m always weary when I wake up feeling good because that means that today can go two ways:

1. I feel good, then something turns me around and I become RAMBO, again..

2. I can feel good. Daydream about unrealistic things all day, and think I can do it all. Start about 50 projects that I will never finish, and not care because on having a good day!!

Days like this I want drive away. I want to move and go when I feel like this. This energy that I have balled up makes me feel invincible and motivated. Is this the time to take ACTION?, or do I know the patterns? What comes next is pain, sadness, and depression.

One thing that contributioning to my happiness today is that I got a call from an employer that I really want, and they are calling for interviews next week! Woo hoo! There is money and opportunities I the air! I want to run with these colors of these winds. I want to fly into this new opportunity.

Mania, calm down, but I can’t, I must do more.

Fight or flight, people.

Posted from a woman on the go