Gun Violence: The New Mental Illness đź¤”

I recently got back into magazines and got a subscription to People.

Every week in People there is a real story about a real tragedy that always involves Mental Illness.

Instead of talking about Mental Illness and signs to help loved ones (so you dont tragically end of like that) they talk about why you wear orange…for Gun violence.

Gun violence? This man was going through severe depression and shoots himself and you blame the gun? You said before that your dad bought the gun he was okay. (or was he?) Something happened to make him not okay

It wasn’t the gun. Gun violence is horrible though but it is it just the problem.

I think if we focus more on the root of the tree, we could get to why the branches we acting crazy..

Forbes’s 30 under 30 has no mental health leaders..


I have no idea! No idea! Why aren’t there people under 30 trying to make a change for mental health patients all over the world? Is mental health issues really that underground? Are mental health bloggers all we got in this fight?

Time to turn that around.

Any idea of how we can bring this fight closer to reality, and global??