I’M IN A FUCKING SHUTDOWN and that’s okay

I’m feeling word empty at the moment.

There is nothing I truly want to write again. I’m becoming kind of ANTI-The world.
No tv.
No writing.
No spending money.
No hanging out.
No nothing.

I have been stilling quietly for a couple of mins a day. I want to not think about things that have to do with people, or bullshit that doesn’t matter.

Like jobs
The future

I am getting extremely high, but taking my meds and making to do lists daily. I am just trying to find my fucking way.

I’m tired of my mind and my surroundings control me. Controlling me should be me.

Is it Bipolar or Depression? New Brain Scan May Have the Answer

Is it Bipolar or Depression? New Brain Scan May Have the Answer

So… “A new type of brain scan that measures blood flow in the brain may be able to help better diagnose bipolar disorder at an early stage and further distinguish the disorder from depression, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.”

How awesome, but HOW SCARY. Do you really think this can happen, and if they can tell now, what else can they tell…?