Astrology vs. Mental Illness: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury: The images were created using a mosaic of pictures from Nasa's messenger spacecraft, which were then combined to create a video 'flyby' of the planet. 2013

Do you know about the Mercury Retrograde that just happened? Do you know what I’m even talking about? No, I’m not talking Klingon ( I wish I could though…)

Galadarling explains it like this:

“If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here we go. The planets are swinging around at all times, and their movements affect us all in different ways. All planets go retrograde, but Mercury’s journey seems to impact people much more than any other. (Even people who “don’t believe in astrology” often “believe” in the crazy aftershocks of Mercury retrograde!)

Why is that? It’s because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde — which means that it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky — all those things go backwards. They start to get ugly and tangle up. Mercury isn’t really going backwards, it’s just hanging out by the sun, but from Earth, that makes it look like it’s in reverse. It typically runs for a couple of weeks, a few times a year.”

Clear thinking? Hmm..

Can the stars affect mental illness and effect our lives?

WELL… the period that it happened in 2014 was:

  • February 6–28
  • June 7–July 2
  • October 4–25

and everything was ugly ugly ugly for me. My husband and I were money fighting, bad communication about everything, my cell dead and never turned back on. Ugly! What about you? Looking back, was your bad period during these dates? The 2015 periods are going to be Jan 21 – Feb 11, May 18 – Jun 11, and Sept 7 – Oct 9, 2015.

What do you think???

Mindy McCready, a Singer Long Troubled, Dies at 37

Mindy McCready, a Singer Long Troubled, Dies at 37

Troubled. How long was she “troubled”?

Mindy McCready had a lot of issues, mental illness being one of them, and now she’s gone. How low did she get to do what she did? Where was her support team? 

You know what? It’s sad to say, but when your mind gets to talking there is no stopping the destruction it can do.

Goodbye Mindy. Another one of us gone….a soldier

Et tu, Brute! Et Tu!

Welcome back to me.

The storm has passed, but is not forgotten. I still know what I have to do to keep moving up and away if need be. This can’t go on like it has for me. I need to change, from the inside out. So I’m no one’s “loser” ever again. I just thought I would of had more support from people who love me. They stabbed me in the back. Well not like Brutus or Judas, but they aren’t there when I need them. Are there lives really as bad as mine? I don’t feel like I’m going overboard with what I feel, but I am Bipolar – Mountains from anthills. I can’t keep thinking in the past anymore so this is a testament to myself. I can’t go back to old ways. I need and WILL change.