2016 please come now!

my holiday was bad. really bad.

my family made me feel like shit this Christmas, in turn, making me feel like shit the whole weekend. I spent my weekend locked up in my house, on the couch, alone. I didn’t want to see anyone, talk to anyone, hang out, nothing..

i feel bad because i feel like i ruined Christmas but the people around me didn’t care about my feelings at all so my holiday was ruined.

ugh to the people around me.

ugh to the holidays.

ugh to myself for not getting up and leaving this place when i could.

Money is the ROOT of my illness. What’s new?

Money is the root of all evil. Money makes me feel shitty and inexperienced. It doesn’t help my mental illness either.. for example..

Today I had a new appointment with a therapist and I had to cancel and get it rescheduled for next month because my husband’s bank account got into the negative and we didn’t have money to restore it soooo my money had to go all to his account. I have to wait because of money…because my husband doesn’t know how to look at his account before he spends money…

I hate worrying where the next dollar is going from. Does this contribute to mental illness? Worrying? Being upset about how your getting it or keeping it.

Does anyone else STRESS about MONEY everyday?!!

That Bipolar Bitch: Aunt Flo


That is how I feel right now, and its 2 am in the morning. I know my period is coming at the end of the week, but for 2 week prior to this day, I HAVE BEEN A SUPER BITCH IRRITATED WRECKING BALL OF FLAMES!!!!!

Is this my period or my Bipolar?

I don’t want to be touch, or kissed, or even slept in the same bed with. I hate my job. I have no future. I feel so tired…

Hm… maybe it is my period. Maybe I’m just fussing about nothing and I should just relax, take a breath, and chill..

Or maybe I’ll go punch a wall!!!!

Ladies…or men!! Any suggestions?