Nearly 1 in 5 US Army soldiers had mental illness before they enlisted: study

Nearly 1 in 5 US Army soldiers had mental illness before they enlisted: study


I don’t much about anything military, so but I quote this from the article:

“One reason for the rise in these figures may have been the rush to fill ranks during the Afghanistan and Iraq war years, with recruiters telling enlistees to not volunteer that they had mental health afflictions.”

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Are these recruiters getting money with every person enlisted through them? If so, WE NEED TO CUT THAT. How many mentally illed people UN-VOLUNTARILY were there too? If you can’t tell the people around you sometimes that you have a mental illness, then how are you going to tell a recruiter that is waving money and benefits at you.

I wanted to join the military. I stood crying in my living room to my husband about how I might think that the military was the only thing left for me. My life was shit. I was going to amount to nothing.. I was also in the not medicated, drinking, smoking, losing it, mind running, really really angry, happy one minute, bad thoughts zone, but thought about enlisting. I didn’t.

I didn’t want to put someone’s else life in my hands at times, when I couldn’t hold my own.

So, here I am..

“Rock Forever21, but she just turned thirty”

– Kayne West

p.s. I’m not 30. not yet anyways 🙂

Man set himself on fire has a… GUESS WHAT!


The man who set himself on fire, wasn’t mad at the government, he had a mental illness. Hmm. It makes me wonder how many more people will make the news because of mental illness. This man could’t cope and did something extreme. Why though? Why did he set himself on fire on the NATIONAL MALL? What kind of mental illness did he have? Where was him family? This is something the news won’t tell us, because it has to do with MENTAL ILLNESSS. (oh no! run for your lives!!!)

I don’t think I can talk much. Here I am anonymous to the world on my own mental illness. This man actually went out (well went out in a blaze… ha.. ha.. no) and told the world, in a really horrible, weird way that something was wrong with him. Shit, with our society.

I hope that is opens the eyes of America, HECK, the world, and makes them realize that MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL, ITS EVERYWHERE, AND AFFECTS ALL! This man has unfortunately died, but he has not died in vain…

I’m listening, and sometimes one person listening is enough to start a revolution!


another solider lost. how many more?