Should Bipolar people have goals?


Should I make goals when I know I have a hard time making them stick?

How does a Bipolar person get anything done?

For me? One crazy, forgetful, angry step at a time. I am trying to make long term goals for myself, so I’m not living my life without direction and meaning. I never had a goal or direction. I could never get my mind to stick on to one thing long enough to actually make goals that I could accomplish and achieve. This has always made me feel horrible, and inferior to others.

I’ve had so many ideas over the years that I should work for Apple, or MTV…hell NASA! If I had money for every idea that i thought of I would be a millionaire, but for people Iike me, it’s hard to stick the landing.

So, how do I Gabby Douglas? How do I run, jump, and land? The other night I talked to some really good friends of mine. They seems to have it all together from the outside, but I know inside they are going through a lot. They are strong people and I felt like they wouldn’t judge me if I told them about my disorder. They were super kind and awesome about it and they made me think about goals, and the reasonings of why I got to this place in my life.

They said to me:
1. That having no father figure in my life has caused me not to have a solid footing.
2. I need to write down goals, and stick to them.

I don’t know about the daddy part. I don’t feel like I have daddy issues (I will admit that I have SERIOUS mommy issues), but not having a plan to live by and strive for is something I can say that I am lacking. So, I have decided to work on these things called “goals”, and see where it takes me.

Here are my official write-them-down-long-term-goals (2013 – 2016)
. I have to lose 80 pounds
. I want to have moved from my current place of residence.
. I want to get out of debt, and be financially free/set

. Find a job
. Exercise 3 times a week
. Stop eating after 9pm
. Get back on MEDs
. Track how I spend money, so I don’t make the same mistakes again

There are more goals that I have, but before I write them down I want to make sure they aren’t random thinking goals, but solid real goals.

So, any advice on sticking the landing when it comes to goals, or am I a hopeless BP girl asking for the holy grail?