Does my Bipolar affect my Money?

Yes it does.

I know I have much more to talk about, but the main thing on my mind is…

Does Bipolar make you less money savvy, or am I just really bad with it?

Right now, I’m completely and utterly broke. Not a dime to my name, and I can’t help to think if its all really me. I know I was the one making it and then spend it, but does bipolar really effect how you spend and save your money?

Looking back, I’ve always been a spender, but my motto back then was: I can make it back, why not have a good time. UGH! Really!?! Was that Bipolar talk for “drain it all! Ha ha.Now I ask: was it my bipolar making bad decisions or was it really me?

Now, I’m kicking my bipolar ass because I quit a perfectly good job, wasted all the good abundance of cash from that job, and now working at a minimum wage job, for what….?

So I can move forward.

I don’t need to look back right now. All that is going to do is make me feel bad about the choices I’ve made, and feel bad about being Bipolar all over again. I can’t do that again. So I’m going to learn from my mistakes, let go of my pride, stay at this stupid beneath me job, and do what I have to do.

To answer my own question, yes, bipolar can and will fuck up your financial future. The next question is: now that you know what are you going to do about it now?

What am I going to do about it now…?