Bipolar, Employed, and Hating it

Jobs are for brains that can make plans and stick with them. Jobs are for people who can go with the flow, and not just be pretending to.

My new job is working in retail. I am a visual merchandising assistant. I make a little above minimum wage, but that’s not the problem..

..the problem is that I work with young, backstabbing, vain, horrible, non professional people. These are the kind of people that make cliques and make everyone else who isn’t in it feel like outsiders. They are really fake and mean to people whom they don’t deem fashionable enough.

The other day I got sent in the office for a talk because I had ask for my boss’s boss opinion on a project I was doing. She helped me and was really okay about it, but then turned around and told my boss that I didn’t know what I was doing, and that he must not be training me right! She got all of that from me asking her advice! My bosses told me to never talk to her again because she just acts like that about everything. Basically, she is out to get me. THEN they told me that I need to calm down because I am just an assistant and that my enthusiasm was too much!!

Too much?? Too much?? If they only knew how much I needed and wanted a job! How much effort it takes me to keep something because of my mental illness! It shocked me!

Now, I’m sitting in-between a rock and a hard place because I need and like what I do, but the people are not my cup of tea.

How can I overcome this??

Dr. Jekyll has got NOTHING on me.

I’m a good liar.

I have done something I probably will regret for a long time…

And before you get all OMG SHE CHEATED! YOU’VE KILLED!

nah. I can’t really say what I’ve done, but know it will be something that I will think about all the time. I thought I was changing my mind-set lately with this empowerment Bipolar thing, but all I did was went back to a nasty habit when I had the chance. that scares me.

If one day this blog is read by all who know me or not, please know that it wasn’t ME. It wasn’t who I am and what I want to become. I feel terrible and fake. A monster.

Luck, please be a Vin Diesel.