There’s a lot of I’s in disappointment..

I’m getting angry.

I can feel myself start to lose it inside. That means the next person that talks to me will probably get RAMBO-ed! Slicing and dicing their HEADS off. For what? Why am I so angry right now? Because, I can’t predict what’s coming at me next. Silly, I know, but I can’t help getting angry at things that I thought were going to work out.

Example. Today I received a call from an employer, who wanted to discuss a position and my qualifications. I listened to the voice mail, and got up with a little hop in my step. I was stoked that a job called and wanted to know more about me. In my mind, this time next week, I would be settling into a new awesome job, making money for things to come, making new work friends, the whole nine.

Not. They told me a little about the position, and it was identical to the same position that I quit. Something I can’t do…something I don’t want to do. Right after that, a friend who was suppose be coming and picking me up to a lunch/hang out date, ditched me for another friend. Sacre Bleu!

Does this sound like pre-school kid problems? “My friend didn’t pick me up – I don’t like her no more” or “The job wasn’t for me – Now i’m going to cry”.  They probably are but for me, these are things I let ruin my day even before it started.

My BP mind doesn’t seem to let things go, but BLOW them out of proportions  Those things could be ant-holes, but I let them grow into MOUNDS. I just don’t like to be let down. I don’t want my ideas to get blown up and dragged through the mud. 

Right now, I’m sitting here watching the President’s Inauguration lunch (which makes me ask: why are they filming this lunch live?) and wondering, how many of these people have gone through upsets, but keep the ball rolling? How do great people survive disappointment? Failure? Bombs?..well not bombs…

To the BP, failure and disappointment are all the same. Does your BP do this?