Touching Me, Touching You—at Work

Loved this article about co-workers and is it okay to be a “toucher”

I’ll admit…I’m a toucher. I’ve never gotten anyone to give me bad looks or say not to, ever.Where I work high fives are common and okay!

I would hate to be at a stiff place, where no one is comforting. I already have a mental illness!


The Habit of Work

But before we really celebrate, I’ve played this game before and I know what happens next..

I’ll be a good employee for about a month, then I’ll start to hate waking up for work, then my mind will be on the side of quitting and then….unemployed again.

How can I make sure that this time will be different? How do you get into a habit of working?


Interviews are just ticking time bombs

I got an interview for a job today at 1230. I’m excited but I’m feeling like I always do before an interview – confident, but wary.

When it comes to me, you know that I’m not the best person to keep or maintain job relationships. I mean I’m a really good worker when I want to be, but usually my mind figures out what I’m doing and messes it up for me, but NOT THIS TIME!!!!!

THIS TIME I’m going to try to keep this job (if I get it) AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. I told myself I’d keep it for a year, but is that really something I can promise? Keeping a job is like keeping water in a bowl while running…NOT GOOD.

So what should I do to prepare myself for work again….

Anyone!? How did you get back into the working world after a crash and burn of the mind!

My husband is excited about me making money again, which is great, but he should be more concerned on how this job will go considering all my previous jobs. I hope he can see when I’m falling and helping me stand up and go back in.

Ugh. Just thinking about work scares the shit out of me, but what else am I going to do!??

Unemployed, Lost & kind of loving it…

You can not understand how many times I have been unemployed, lost, and feeling like do do…

But not this time. I quit my job because I wasn’t going to work for a manager that talks shit behind my back. I’m bipolar, she just didn’t know…

Also, I hated HATED going into that job everyday. It was torturous to get up and pretend. I’m not a good pretender so it made my life really hard. Sometimes you have to worry about things like jobs, money, advancement, but for me right now it couldn’t be farther from my mind.

Right now I’m focusing on me and what the hell I want to do. My bipolar limits me to work at a conventionally setting without wanting to kill my coworkers and myself for longer than 4 months, so I have to find so,etching that is going to go along with my mind….

And the ride.

In other words, I’m okay and I’ll be okay.

How are you?

P.s. Thanks for all the Greta comments you are leaving me. Since I have no job please watch out for some crazy post… Literally.

I have a Mental Illness. I can’t pretend to like you.

I can’t pretend any emotions at all. If I don’t like you, you will know it. If I’m angry, you know it. If I’m sad, you know it…

The people in my life want me to pretend everyday, and well I can’t. I don’t think any diagnosed mentally illed person can.

You already know the people at my job are horrible, but now they want me to go about my day as if no one is trying to get me. They want me to laugh and joke in their faces, and well I’m not.

Actually, I don’t think ill pretend with my emotions ever again. Wherever i am. They will not overtake me..but they wont be ignored.

Attack of the CO-WORKERS!

Co-workers are the worst.

I mean, mines aren’t really THAT bad, but when you have a undisclosed mental illness plus co-workers under the age of 20-21, it can get kind of annoying.

I really try not to show my angry at work. I lie everyday and become something I’m not, just so I can get through the night, without looking like a super bitch.

As many jobs as I’ve had, I don’t understand why people liked me. Yeah, i’m reliable, cool, unique and trustworthy, but I’m not nice, and/or at all interested in their lives because I’m so wrapped up in mines.

What do you think? How do you handle co-workers at your job?

“I hate to work”, says the Bipolar mind

I feel like the reason I am so anti about working is my mind.

I dread going to work. Every day. Every time i think about going to do work for someone or something other than myself. I get angry, and don’t want to do it.

I really think this is a bipolar trait.

Shit, it doesn’t matter if its the best job on earth, im going to dread going to it, and spend my precious 6 to 8 hours.

Is this normal for you too? I don’t want to have these feelings anymore.

((side note: as I am typing this, my job called me in early, and I said yes. ))

Does this mean I’m a really lazy person, or that I don’t like to do the things I don’t like to do.

I wish I was born rich or royal.. With a normal brain.

No jobs anywhere!!

Still no job…fighting for my life.

Everyday I don’t find a job, I feel like a loser. A loser for letting myself get this far, and now look at me…

This town does not have any opportunities for me. I can’t move away though. My fiancĂ© has a great paying job here, which he walks to work everyday, and me… A pile of bones looking to him to keep us afloat.

Wen will my luck being to change? I’m trying to stay positive, but How can you when you know every place here isn’t hiring, and what you really want to do cant happen without green paper.

I’m ready to give up, throw in the towel, and runaway