These are your friends..

This is your friends..

This is real life..
These are your friends..
You thought you knew them, but you don’t..
This is their struggle. its real. its secret…
It’s sad…
It’s sad to think that even your own friends aren’t telling you the truth about themselves..
How they secretly struggle like you..
This week tell a friend about your silent struggle..
You never know…someone might be in the same boat, or in the same position, or hurting really bad…
Reach out and touch them…
Reach out and touch yourself. In a nasty way, it doesn’t matter, You deserve it

Should Bipolar people have goals?


Should I make goals when I know I have a hard time making them stick?

How does a Bipolar person get anything done?

For me? One crazy, forgetful, angry step at a time. I am trying to make long term goals for myself, so I’m not living my life without direction and meaning. I never had a goal or direction. I could never get my mind to stick on to one thing long enough to actually make goals that I could accomplish and achieve. This has always made me feel horrible, and inferior to others.

I’ve had so many ideas over the years that I should work for Apple, or MTV…hell NASA! If I had money for every idea that i thought of I would be a millionaire, but for people Iike me, it’s hard to stick the landing.

So, how do I Gabby Douglas? How do I run, jump, and land? The other night I talked to some really good friends of mine. They seems to have it all together from the outside, but I know inside they are going through a lot. They are strong people and I felt like they wouldn’t judge me if I told them about my disorder. They were super kind and awesome about it and they made me think about goals, and the reasonings of why I got to this place in my life.

They said to me:
1. That having no father figure in my life has caused me not to have a solid footing.
2. I need to write down goals, and stick to them.

I don’t know about the daddy part. I don’t feel like I have daddy issues (I will admit that I have SERIOUS mommy issues), but not having a plan to live by and strive for is something I can say that I am lacking. So, I have decided to work on these things called “goals”, and see where it takes me.

Here are my official write-them-down-long-term-goals (2013 – 2016)
. I have to lose 80 pounds
. I want to have moved from my current place of residence.
. I want to get out of debt, and be financially free/set

. Find a job
. Exercise 3 times a week
. Stop eating after 9pm
. Get back on MEDs
. Track how I spend money, so I don’t make the same mistakes again

There are more goals that I have, but before I write them down I want to make sure they aren’t random thinking goals, but solid real goals.

So, any advice on sticking the landing when it comes to goals, or am I a hopeless BP girl asking for the holy grail?