Another Solider Lost: Kate Spade

Goodbye Kate.

Your battle is over.

I’m sorry Mental Illness took you but don’t worry, millions of people will look at your story and decide suicide is not for them.

Suicide is not for you. It’s not for anyone.

Until next time…RIP

Fort Hood shooter was Iraq vet being treated for mental health issues

Fort Hood shooter was Iraq vet being treated for mental health issues

I am sorry for the people lost in this tragic accident.

That being said, this is another example of how the media portrays mental illness. Tomorrow, everyone with a mental illness will be looked at in a different light by people who don’t have mental illness themselves. I not saying your mother, brother, wife, or child. I am talking about the “world” view.

I wish in cases like these, they tell you what mental illness is, how it can affect a person’s mind and life. I wish they would let us talk.



Mental health evaluation ordered in ‘exorcism’ slayings

Mental health evaluation ordered in ‘exorcism’ slayings

Did anyone read about this?

Two women are being charged for killing two kids because they said that they were possessed by demons! Now, they are being mentally evaluted to see if they are crazy.

UMMM…YEAH! They are crazy! but not you and me kind of crazy, they are CRAY CRAY CRAZY!

but.. if they do have a mental illness, then yes this is another case of the mind getting to these women and making them do horrible things…but…

both women had the same mental illness?

both women both saw the same “demon”

were they on drugs?

What if there really was a demon, like for real?

The women described themselves as “demon assassins”. What if they really were, like some Keanu Reeve Constantine shit…

I don’t know at all, but what I do know is if you take a life, you need to be evaluated for everything!

Gone Too Soon: Celebrities Who’ve Committed Suicide

Gone Too Soon: Celebrities Who’ve Committed Suicide

So Sad.

Some of these people weren’t dealing with mental illness, but a lot of them were.

I know how it feels to feel shitty and alone. It’s not good.

PLEASE, if your thinking about suicide tonight, or any night..THINK AGAIN! Don’t let you mind play tricks on you. YOU CAN OVERCOME! Tell your illness to shut up, sit down, and BREATHE!

Man set himself on fire has a… GUESS WHAT!


The man who set himself on fire, wasn’t mad at the government, he had a mental illness. Hmm. It makes me wonder how many more people will make the news because of mental illness. This man could’t cope and did something extreme. Why though? Why did he set himself on fire on the NATIONAL MALL? What kind of mental illness did he have? Where was him family? This is something the news won’t tell us, because it has to do with MENTAL ILLNESSS. (oh no! run for your lives!!!)

I don’t think I can talk much. Here I am anonymous to the world on my own mental illness. This man actually went out (well went out in a blaze… ha.. ha.. no) and told the world, in a really horrible, weird way that something was wrong with him. Shit, with our society.

I hope that is opens the eyes of America, HECK, the world, and makes them realize that MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL, ITS EVERYWHERE, AND AFFECTS ALL! This man has unfortunately died, but he has not died in vain…

I’m listening, and sometimes one person listening is enough to start a revolution!


another solider lost. how many more?