Kanye West, Welcome to the Club.

Hello Kayne.

Everyone here has been waiting for you. It’s cool. No judgment. The only thing we require is for you to be open, proactive, and try to get help. I’m not the right person to tell you that though, but it helps. 

Anyways, thank you and welcome abroad. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us. There are about, umm, I don’t know, billions. ✌🏿


Kanye West dropped his new album “Ye” on Friday. In it, he says he has bipolar disorder and calls the mental illness his “superpower.” The controversial statement follows several months of recent controversy on Twitter in which the artist proclaimed his support for President Trump, opined that “love is infinite,” and alleged that slavery was […]

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Even Wayne Brady has depression


Wayne Brady has come out and said he has battles with depression He says he is not taking medicine but visiting a therapist.

I feel bad for saying this but it feel nice that celebrities are FINALLY coming out of the “Mental health” closet and telling the world about mental illness in a different light. In this interview because I know Wayne is trying to lighten up the mood by laughing and making jokes, but I know how serious it this. It looks like he kind of uncomfortable to even talk about it.


Books That Inspire: NIKKI SIXX’s Heroin Diaries: A Year In the Life of A Shattered Rockstar

I don’t know why I looked this book up. On the news, they said that  once this tour was over, Mötley Crüe was going to end it. Then someone said that Nikki Sixx actually died (which I didn’t know), and then I looked him up and found out that he wrote a book based on his diary he kept in the 80s. I got intrigued.

So, I looked online for the PDF and found it:

Click to access theheroindiaries.pdf

I found that it’s actually really good, and it dives right into his addiction and pain. It made me feel the same way I did when I was smoking. I wanted to stop, but couldn’t because I felt like I needed it. I felt like nothing without it. It also talks about VANITY, and I loved some vanity…(now she doesn’t go by vanity, and turned into an Evangelist)

If you need a good read about the effects of drugs, read this.

If you’re trying to stop doing drugs, read this.

If your thinking about starting drugs, read this.

Now, Nikki Sixx is clean, but just think what would have happened if he didn’t stop. This book would not be here, and a tour would have been looong gone.

Drugs sucks.

Carroll weighs in on medicinal pot

Carroll weighs in on medicinal pot

So, wait a dog on minute!

A coach from a BAZILLION dollar sports industry kind of agreed with medicinal marijuana? Really?

So, when is it going to be really MEDICINAL everywhere? Because it’s popping up ALOT!

The NFL is a huge company and arena around the world, and for one of their own to talk about marijuana in a way such as this makes me feel like a revolution is coming.

Next, lets test strains, find out which ones really helps and not make you addicted and lazy, and start putting it into the world for mental illness patients, because does millionaires who play a sport really need marijuana? really??

Gone Too Soon: Celebrities Who’ve Committed Suicide

Gone Too Soon: Celebrities Who’ve Committed Suicide

So Sad.

Some of these people weren’t dealing with mental illness, but a lot of them were.

I know how it feels to feel shitty and alone. It’s not good.

PLEASE, if your thinking about suicide tonight, or any night..THINK AGAIN! Don’t let you mind play tricks on you. YOU CAN OVERCOME! Tell your illness to shut up, sit down, and BREATHE!

MasterChef finalist Joshua Marks has Bipolar Disorder


YAY! Another solider out on the front lines of this horrible, stupid, shitty diseases. Proud of him to come out and talk about it. Even though he didn’t tell you what Bipolar is, and how it affects him, he still said what is has and how music has helped him through.

Thanks Joshua and welcome to HELL… no just kidding 🙂

Mindy McCready, a Singer Long Troubled, Dies at 37

Mindy McCready, a Singer Long Troubled, Dies at 37

Troubled. How long was she “troubled”?

Mindy McCready had a lot of issues, mental illness being one of them, and now she’s gone. How low did she get to do what she did? Where was her support team? 

You know what? It’s sad to say, but when your mind gets to talking there is no stopping the destruction it can do.

Goodbye Mindy. Another one of us gone….a soldier