What are YOOUU doing up?

Me? Once I wake up for my son, I’m up for 2 hours. My mind is running about everything that has ever happened to me.


Although I’ve always been a night owl. Nighttime is peaceful and quiet, but my life and priorities have changed. I’m the same mentally illed lady just world shift.

Any else trying to hold on to bad habits but know your lifestyle has changed. Congrats! I’m you…only more depressed.


3 thoughts on “2:06am

  1. Ha! Why do I look internally? That is a good question. I don’t know why really? The only person I have to change is myself so that probably why.

    Also, no I don’t believe in one God. I believe in a Goddess and a God. 😊

    And thanks friend !!❤️


    • Definetley there’s a Goddess aswell, if God hasn’t attracted a partner what hope is there for the rest of us! What makes you think you need to change? What would you like to change? Have you felt this need because of your diagnosis?x


  2. Hi there, to cut to the chase, do you believe in God? Depression is a strange thing, if someone or something doesn’t serve you well you cease to be part of, so why do we look internally in such a negative manner? writing your blog is a wonderful productive use of time, you have true value . please help me to understand more clearly if this doesn’t help. x


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