Med Down! Med Down!

I’ve decided to stop my medication. My husband doesn’t think I should. I am on the edge of the line with it. I’m feeling fine, holding down a job and in internship coming up. I think the only thing it helps me with is going to sleep, which i knock out in 10 mins now instead of 100 mins.

I’m feeling okay…

but why do I have the feeling like that’s the glue.

I don’t want everything that I’m doing to be based on medication I take for a disease I can’t help. I have grown, not the meds.

Argh! I don’t know what I need to do, but I may be already leaning to a side..

8 thoughts on “Med Down! Med Down!

  1. DO NOT GET OFF YOUR MEDICATION, PERIOD. I get everything that you are describing having been a mentally ill patient longer than I believe most of those posting here have been alive. It is one thing if you don’t like the medication you are taking – that’s perfectly fine. Have your doctor change up the cocktail. I have been diagnosed with a mental illness more years than I have not and I have had to change my cocktail of medications many, many times. They work for awhile and then they don’t – it is as stupid and as real as that.
    The other thing I seriously want you to consider is the radical idea that as a mentally ill person there are things that you have to live with; medication is only one of them. There is this term in the medical community called “successful sufferer” and it refers to a patient that controls their own disease. This message is for everyone who believes that medication is simply a crutch or not important – sorry, it is as crucial as having a voice to use in order to make sense of a disease that most will never get. I wish that you weren’t required to have medication, I wish that you didn’t need help every now and then with the ups and downs, and I wish that you didn’t have the intimate knowledge of things such as darkness, hell, highs beyond those any illegal drug could ever give…but you do have that knowledge. And with that knowledge comes the responsibility to be smart and truthful to yourself. Take your medication. Not for your husband, not for the world, but because you have to. Period. Exclamation mark.


  2. The best would be to taper off gradually. Have you ever gone off medication? What happened?
    And as others have mentioned, talk to your doctor first.


  3. I did the same recently-I thought they weren’t doing anything, turns out they were. And starting them again wasn’t enough to keep things in control quick enough. I’d say the same as others-speak to your Dr first, but then I’m guessing you know that anyway! It sucks taking them when you think you’re fine, but you never know they might be the reason things are so good. Good luck 🙂


  4. Even changing your sleep a little can trigger something too. Everyone, almost, told me not to taper off my medications but I did it anyway. Three hospitalizations and two years later, I am okay with staying on lithium and Parnate forever if they keep me functioning. Sending you my love and good luck with the internship!!!


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