This is normal, right?!

i just read somewhere that having anger or sad feelings are a normal part of life and that having them shouldn’t make you feel so extreme because they are there and will always be there! You also shouldn’t worry about getting rid of them because they are a normal part of the brain and life.

Follow me?!?

Maybe My brain is telling me something is coming? Or that something needs to be done. It is right! Something need to be done but not with my feelings, with my life. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but my anger has to be a sign for something inside or out of myself.

I wonder if my mediciation has changed my anger in anyway?

I’m thinking about stopping it…


5 thoughts on “This is normal, right?!

  1. Yes, good points. Always be aware of what your mind is telling you an stay in sync with it. Listen to your mind, for it is beautiful 🙂
    Great blog!


  2. For me, finding the right medication combination has been a matter of trial and error. The medications must be tweaked depending on seasons, my moods, life stressors, etc. Right now I’m on two medications. For a while, I was on only one. I would never recommend someone go off without psychiatric supervision, for there are side effects and withdrawal symptoms. It helps me to have someone observe me, too, for I do not always have insight into my own behavior or affect. Best of luck!


  3. Emotions are part of life, part of what makes us human. I think when they are uncontrollable is when you need to be concerned. Additionally if you medicated to the point where you cannot feel anything at all, then that too is something that needs to be addressed.

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