Anger is back

I’ve been having horrible anger issues lately. My period is coming and it always makes me a difficult person to be around but this time I feel like it is something more!

I feel trapped in my own life. It sucks just to do normal things. That and I am not smoking.

So period, feeling trapped, and not smoking has made me into a very violent extreme person. It doesn’t help that I am with someone who never recognizes the signs and feeds into it every time. I love him but it sucks that he really doesn’t understand and it’s kind of out of sign out of mind with him.

I just need to get some excitement back into my life…

I need to get my life together

5 thoughts on “Anger is back

  1. Sometimes I think I need a red flag when I’m enraged and hormonal just to warn those around me. I’ve taken to doing so verbally, but I have to continually remind them that I’m “in a REALLY bad mood.”


  2. I feel this on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level, but I’ve never actually been able to explain it so concisely as you just have. Thanks for that, and I hope you pull through.


  3. don’t put too much pressure o yourself-if you can help it. try doing things that you love! i am in the same boat, right now. you’re not alone ❤


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