I’m not NOT anymore 

Right now, while on break at work, I feel so angry! I have quit smoking for a while and this is my 4th day.

I know that I have to get through the shit before I can get to feeling better but it is really catching up to me. The other day I broke down in Walmart crying! It was a mixed of my anger and not smoking. I just felt like a ball of fire, ready to explode.

I feel like no one understands what’s going on inside ever. Not even my husband. He doesn’t seem to really want to understand. He just thinks taking my mediciation is going to forever work and well… 

I’m getting tired of feeling tired, angry, fat, useless. I am changing this and not doing the stuff I don’t need to do!


4 thoughts on “I’m not NOT anymore 

  1. As a spouse of someone that is bi-polar, it has been a difficult and long road for me to being to understand and empathize with what my wife is going through. Some days I am great at it and others I fall flat.

    One of our major breakthroughs has been honest and open communication but I was not able to get that place without educating myself about her illness and also seeing a therapist myself. If you want, I can recommend a couple of very good books (for him) to read or, if you are of a mind to, feel free to drop by my blog. I talk about my experiences as a spouse quite a bit.


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