Judging from me, your not depressed! Or are you??

I have a co-worker that out-loud says that she is dealing with depression. More than once.


Depression is rock bottom. I know. I know that depression comes in many forms and to people everywhere! I know that when I was major depressed NOONE knew! I was so ashamed to let anyone know, other than my husband, that it pained me to go to work and pretend. I hated my who I was, I hated my life, everything was a mess.

So, when someone, like my co-worker, tells you multiple times that they are depressed…is this real? Do depressed people tell you outright that they are depressed?

Also, what do you say back when you’ve dealt with it but kind of feel…like…they aren’t really..

That is horrible to say! How do I know what she going through? How can I sit here and judge depression? The only reason I am saying this is because she is young, she is also at a job she has been at for a long time and that gets really really stale if you make it, she says she has gained weight, she came out of college thinking that she was going to be this BIG thing and realized that it not going to work out that way! Everything that happened to me when I was her age and just started out with my husband.

I feel like I know where she coming from.

So, is that depression or just growing pains? Looking back now, it was Mental Illness for me, but when does the line between Depression and “Its-Life!” meet?

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Judging from me, your not depressed! Or are you??

  1. If I have been no more then feeling down in my life, I can’t even imagine how it must feel to hit rock bottom, let alone depressed! If someone is entitled to judge, they are the depressed themselves! But I imagine the only thing you can say to someone who is down and calls it depressed, is that depression is worse, and who wants to play the victim? Depressed are probably the last to do that, and I can imagine that is not helpful and is lonely. People should be more aware that they should offer support. But how do you do that? Some of us have to explain to others.


      • I’ll tell you: if I call my state of mind depression, I feel much better, as if it is the right diagnosis. But if I feel better, it can’t be depression. So I hold my mouth shut. I guess that if people say you are “just down”, that is a downer in it’s own right. 😛


  2. I’m like you, nobody ever really knew. Personally it’s not depression, it’s disappointed. This coworker wanted life a certain way and it didn’t happen the way they expected it too.
    We’ll boohoo, who’s life turns out as they expect.
    The one thing you can gain out of this if u choose is to find out what their issue is…I can say from experience that helping others also helps yourself. Whether this person is truly depressed or not.


  3. I’m not sure it matters whether she is really depressed, or just unhappy and looking for support. The real question is whether you want to be supportive (it is okay if you don’t). If so, talk to her about the part where you “know where she is coming from.” Just my quick thoughts….love your blog!


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