Feeling Wordless on WordPress

Nothing I want to say? Nothing I want to rant about?


Usually when I blog I have a topic, something I’ve been thinking about, or doing, or some mental health isses pops up on my feed and YOU KNOW I got to blog about it! This time, I have really nothing.

Other than the fact I’m blogging about blogging about nothing. (Still there??)

Its just my life has taken a hush factor. Since there is no more running thoughts and sleepless nights, I have been really…waiting.

Waiting for I-have-no-clue what, but waiting.

So, I’ll be reading your blogs more because of this hush factor. I want to be more involved in my community!


2 thoughts on “Feeling Wordless on WordPress

  1. Just want you to know I related to this post in a BIG way. I only blog once a week (I used to do it a whopping 7 days a week & I wasn’t even hypomanic – I still don’t know how I did that) and yesterday was the day to write my post and get it published. I sat there having no idea what to write. I can’t tell you how much I hate that. Something finally came to mind (Writing with distractions) but it took waaaaaaaay too long.

    I’m doin’ okay. Tired. I want to go sleep!

    Sending you hugs and it’s great to see you write anything – I don’t care what it is. This post of yours made me feel better about my own wordlessness on WordPress!


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