9 thoughts on “Question To My Ladies

  1. I’m so glad this question is being asked! My bpd symptoms are so so much worse during pms. Every month I’m convinced I need to leave my husband and run away and start a new life. After my cycle starts I’m in love! Rage anger paranoia and exaggerated emotions..the anger/ rage is the worst. Everything just feels impossibly insurmountable.


  2. I have bipolar 1 and borderline. When I’m fixing to start, I cry…a lot… While I’m on, I’m Pissed off the whole time. Like I get anxious and everything makes me more agitated. But when I’m done, I go back to my normal bipolar and BPD cycle.


  3. I have PMDD and bipolar 1. I am a nightmare before I get my period and after. Sometimes I have psychosis and delusional thinking around my period because the hormones are so out of wack. I also get migraines! No birth control helps.

    Even before I was diagnosed I was a nightmare around that time. Many of my female relatives are the same just without the mental illness aspect.


  4. Having OCD, when my period starts, it causes my hormones to rage and all sorts of weird, unwanted thoughts course through my brain. It usually levels out after a day or so, but the first few days of PMS and the first day of my cycle are usually pretty intense, mentally.


  5. Being on my period makes everything feel much worse. It’s like the final straw, magnifies my low mood x 100. I now get the “depo-provera” contraception injection which stops my period. Helps a lot.


  6. Back when I had a period, the PMS absolutely UNHINGED me!! I had terrible rage, and nearly lost a few jobs because of it. I also had the PMS munchies like mad. Eventually, I got the Mirena IUD, which stopped my period altogether. It was a godsend.


  7. I don’t think so … I don’t even get bad pms. My mi definitely affects my cycle though, I’ve always been irregular, and I miss a period or periods a few times every year.


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