Working, Writing & Wishing

I’m fine and as your probably have seen already that I have been blogging my butt off. That’s a good sign for me. My medicine is THE BOMB and I love it. I just went to the med doctor yesterday and told him that I want to stay on where I’m at.

I really feel like i’m achieving something. FINALLY!

Not just to NOT stop taking my medicine.

So how are you? Please tell me truthfully…

4 thoughts on “Working, Writing & Wishing

  1. I love that feeling of finding meds that work! Such a hopeful feeling.
    I’m doing better than I have been the past few months. Starting to chip away at my agoraphobia and it feels amazing.


  2. I’m on hold right now with Costco Pharmacy. I’m checking to see if they offer anything lower than 25 mg of quetiapine (Seroquel) but I doubt it….especially as I looked online.

    I can use my pill cutter, but it’s totally inaccurate. A friend of mine goes to a compounding pharmacy @ $25 a pop, but I’m not sure how that works (or if that works) with my med….blah blah blah.

    You asked~ 😉 sorry to be so boring!!!!!!!

    On a MUCH brighter note, I’m SUPER-STOKED you love your med and that you’re blogging!!!!!
    Woo hooooo! Keep it up, my dear!


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