8 thoughts on ““Being Bipolar” TV Show!?

  1. I read the reviews and they sound awful. The only true and accurate “being bipolar tv show” that could touch the surface of this horrible disease would be the one that streams directly from the mind of someone with it and that will never happen….not in my lifetime anyway.


  2. I actually just wrote about this:


    Also, the comments here:


    The basics seems to be that if you’re bipolar, you recognize that it’s a dangerous misrepresentation. But I’ve not watched it yet, so. I don’t know if I will. If you want to watch it, get something like Tunnelbear or some other VPN to set you up with a UK IP address, and then you can watch it on 4od:: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/being-bipolar


      • I’m originally from Texas, but have been here for the last 8 years. I would love for someone with bipolar to pop up and tell me I’m wrong about it, but I’m just incredibly dubious and not inclined to invest the time to watch it based on what I’ve read from others.

        Of course, I’d LOVE for there to be a good documentary that shows people with bipolar can *gasp* actually have lives and successes, but considering how many of those who are successful get torn down for their little stumbles (like Britney Spears (American) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Welsh), I think we’re a long ways from getting fair treatment in the media. :/


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