4 thoughts on “To stay on the ground, use this..

  1. I can attest to the usefulness of mindfulness exercises from both sides of the couch so to speak. I use mindfulness breathing and body scans on a regular basis myself. They help me to focus and ground myself. I also use these techniques with my clients, serval of whom present with PTSD along with the associated depression and anxiety. The important thing to remember though is that not all mindfulness practices are suitable for everyone. The individual should experiment themselves to find what works for them. Be playful and if something doesn’t work on the day, that’s fine move onto something else. You never know it may work the next day.


  2. I’ve had agoraphobia in addition to Bipolar Disorder for about a year, and mindful breathing has enabled me to walk a few blocks to my grocery store. Mindful breathing is definitely the kind of “hippy dippy” thing that I was fine with other people using, but thought wasn’t right for me. I gave it a try and it’s been awesomely helpful.

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