Moods of Colors

I love color, so when I say this I wanted to share it. I already knew colors effect the brain, but not how much in depth. For your day pick out THREE colors that you want to use in your life and comment on this post and tell me.

My colors will be: Foilage Green, Peach, Golden Yellow

What will yours be?

The Psychology of Colour Detail about colors set a mood or convey an emotion.

3 thoughts on “Moods of Colors

  1. Thanks for this, it gives me an idea. I wonder if the same approach can be taken with written material for encourage a person to read the content? It may be a way to tell an important story and have it listened to. Might have to try changing the colour of paper and the print colour next time I send a letter to a member of parliament.


  2. Many years ago I came across a stand at a Mind-Body-Spirit Festival that offered color healing. You had choices of 2 color liquids that stayed separated. Mine was a light blue and a clear. It boldly claimed to have a whole range of healing properties.

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