I am strong, I am invincible, I am Woman!

So lately I am having an inner battle with being a woman. I don’t know what it is but my mind and body are not together, and its making me feel like I am ripping apart at the seams.

One part of me wants to be this bad ass betty: sexy, siren, confident

The other part of me doesn’t even want to have to do with any of it. I don’t want to wear make up, show off my body..

I am really battling with this person inside me and I don’t know where to start

2 thoughts on “I am strong, I am invincible, I am Woman!

  1. Follow the instincts – unless it’s posting selfies – otherwise, if you feel like it one day – do it. The next day, not so much? Don’t … I kind of laugh at a bit at the way people talk about “honor”, but I do like the idea of “honoring one’s inner self” from the Buddhist mentality. The coach everything in humbleness, but then use that phrase about also acknowledging the inner self.


  2. It sounds so tough – I wouldn’t know where to start either! Over the past year I’ve felt 100% better going out into the world if I wear cute clothes, shower, do my hair and put on some makeup. I don’t wear anything too sexy (although I love form-fitted clothes) just because I’m 44, with two kids and I live in the boonies!! Although I could do whatever I want! 😉

    Anyway, I hope you reach a reconciliation of where you want to go with this, and please keep us posted! XO Dy


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