The Habit of Work

But before we really celebrate, I’ve played this game before and I know what happens next..

I’ll be a good employee for about a month, then I’ll start to hate waking up for work, then my mind will be on the side of quitting and then….unemployed again.

How can I make sure that this time will be different? How do you get into a habit of working?


7 thoughts on “The Habit of Work

  1. I’ve experienced the same pattern in my employment, especially since my big Meltdown in 2003 that resulted in the loss of my full time career. I’m on disability now and only able to tolerate a part time job. It’s so difficult to find the “right” job and stick with it. Good luck…


  2. This is me, RIGHT NOW! This Monday was my first day of my fourth week at my new job and, just as you described, I am already heading to bed with thoughts of “What can I come up with for tomorrow to call in sick?”, or waking up already thinking “Is *this* it? Every day, no matter how hard I try, it’s still the same and it’s killing me!”. I think this is also the crossing of the threshold of the ones who have been nice for the past month now realize that I am one of them and their true colors come through.
    I am happy for you that you are on a new venture and allow yourself to be relieved by dumping here first, before really considering if the job isn’t right. For you to be so honest and transparent on this blog really shows how strong you are willing to be with your vulnerability. Show them you ARE the best person for your job and fuck ’em if they don’t see that!

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  3. The job I have right now I’ve had for eight whole months, but every two months or so I start completely hating it. I have a friend at work right now who takes her breaks and her lunch with me, and I used to always want that time to suffer in silence, but now I really look forward to having someone to chat with. So I guess that’s my thing that makes work easier, having someone I look forward to seeing.


  4. I *wish* I had a realistic, helpful answer for you!!!
    I’ve followed the pattern you describe at many jobs over the past 30 years….. 😦 I hope that this job turns out to be special and that it exceeds your expectations (for being something you like) – where you can stay there for a while!

    p.s. Congratulations for real – I’m proud of you for landing it!!!


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