Money is the ROOT of my illness. What’s new?

Money is the root of all evil. Money makes me feel shitty and inexperienced. It doesn’t help my mental illness either.. for example..

Today I had a new appointment with a therapist and I had to cancel and get it rescheduled for next month because my husband’s bank account got into the negative and we didn’t have money to restore it soooo my money had to go all to his account. I have to wait because of money…because my husband doesn’t know how to look at his account before he spends money…

I hate worrying where the next dollar is going from. Does this contribute to mental illness? Worrying? Being upset about how your getting it or keeping it.

Does anyone else STRESS about MONEY everyday?!!

2 thoughts on “Money is the ROOT of my illness. What’s new?

  1. I know it’s obvious, but don’t forget to breathe while thinking about this. I only write that because I realize I held my breath while writing that laser comment, which is a horrid habit of mine.

    (((HUGS and oxygen)))!


  2. YES! I do…I pay and keep track of all our bills and numerous payment plans. I am so sorry you have to face this ongoing stress. Worrying about money makes my anxiety much worse. I hope you get a break somehow so that you don’t have to constantly stress about it! You are not alone with $ woes!!!!


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