Here I am.

I’m still alive. I’m sorry for such a long hiatus, but the holiday is always a bad time for me. I hate/love the holidays because my family is around, but the holidays have a way of making you feel less than great when you can’t give anyone anything and you feel shitty inside.

I don’t have any resolutions for the new year. Maybe just to get my life together. I have wasted so much time on just thinking and not doing. It’s a slow process but getting back on your feet isn’t a quick thing. I have to realize where in my life I need improvement and….improve.

2015 for me, probably, will be a year that will push me to a limit. It’s sink or swim for me.

How was your Christmas and new year? I hope you did better than I did. I will be posting a lot more now that I am feeling better…

8 thoughts on “Here I am.

  1. I am beating the winter blues so far, but it’s only because I have filled my life with so many things I love over the past few months: blogging, photography, planning my garden for the spring. I’ve kept my mind so busy I haven’t had time to dwell on how cold it is, how the holidays bring up family issues for me, etc. Keep trucking on…every year is a new year to work on ourselves. Try to find some little things that bring a smile to your face, that light your heart up, just a little…and go from there.

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  2. I’m *so* glad you’re back!!!! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites, and I know you’ve been missed by many. I’m sorry the holidays were tough. I have mixed feelings about them and to be honest I’m glad they are over, which is too bad, but that’s how I feel.

    I really hope that this year is going to just get better and better for you! Looking forward to your next post as always… 🙂


  3. It’s a slow process.Find things that make you happy.Eat better.Exercise.Improve you! Even find a new friend.Go out.Plan ahead.Keep your schedule and fullfill small tasks.
    I found new things,for me,made me come out of my darkness shell and be happier for small amounts of time.I think that helped.

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