Featured Post on Goodtherapy.org !!

So I wrote an article for GOODTHERAPY.ORG, a site that will help you find a doctor, learn about mental illness, and just a really cool community for advice and sounding out about mental illness…


I’m really excited about it because I reveal who I am outside of OHTEMP, which was totally scary, but I think I’m really starting to be comfortable being me, and not an alias.

I have been feeling REALLY REALLY bad lately and this has made me feel better. I am trying to find the strength to write and be happy, but like everything, I have to let it run its course….

Please know that I am trying everyday to change for the better and to help people like myself understand just what the hell is going on inside. Thank you for being patience with me and for being such a wonderful awesome help!


Tempus  …my real name.

2 thoughts on “Featured Post on Goodtherapy.org !!

  1. Wow – I was very impressed with your article getting published on an awesome website, and for revealing your identity in a big way!!! You have so much strength, & I know your stigma article has already helped others. There are several comments already thanking you for inspiring them!

    ***Wonderful*** job!

    I know that many of us in the bipolar community are struggling right now. (I read a *lot* of blogs!). I am! And it helps me to witness your taking such a brave step – it truly does inspire me.

    I wish you a good, no, make that GREAT week!!


    your proud, devoted follower,

    Dyane 🙂


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