CBT Workbook

I have been experiencing bipolar disorder very very much lately. I know I have, I’ve been tracking my moods for a month and I am in the middle of another wave. So I have been preparing for it and looking up therapy I can do on my own.

I printed out the NHS Foundation Trust’s CBT Skills Workbook and have been working through it.

Click to access cbt-workshop-booklet_web.pdf

CBT is a form of therapy that works on your thoughts and how they effect your feelings which affects your life. Learn more about CBT from NAMI’s site


It’s okay and I like it. I hope it helps me. I hope it helps you.

4 thoughts on “CBT Workbook

  1. Actually, back in 1982, I saw a cognitive psychologist at UCLA and did what was then called cognitive restructuring, rewriting my thoughts, replacing depressive suicidal thoughts with healthier more rational thoughts. The technique helped me to distance myself from my depressive thought process. It is a very helpful technique.


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