Even Wayne Brady has depression


Wayne Brady has come out and said he has battles with depression He says he is not taking medicine but visiting a therapist.

I feel bad for saying this but it feel nice that celebrities are FINALLY coming out of the “Mental health” closet and telling the world about mental illness in a different light. In this interview because I know Wayne is trying to lighten up the mood by laughing and making jokes, but I know how serious it this. It looks like he kind of uncomfortable to even talk about it.


2 thoughts on “Even Wayne Brady has depression

  1. I agree that it is great to get high profile celebrities to come out and share their stories of mental illness. It shows that anyone can be affected. It also shows that we cannot always see it. Mental illness can hide itself very well. And we may not even be aware that we have it either. Only by speaking out can we reduce the stigma and erroneous perceptions of what mental illness is.


  2. I agree that it’s good that celebs are coming out of the closet. I actually taped Rene Russo w/Queen Latifah, and while Russo was a little too cavalier for my taste, she did state that her bipolar medication was essential & I was so glad she did that – it took guts. I really liked how Latifah responded too – she was awesome. I’d love to see more celebs come out and be open about how they maintain stability.


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