Yesterday I have a severe breakdown.

It started with a argument with my husband, then my mind was angry and then sad and then….depressed!

I have been feeling seriously depressed since Halloween and I can not shake it. I HAVE THING TO DO DEPRESSION!!!!!!

Hence, I started taking my meds again…

How are you?

5 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. So sorry about your breakdown. I too am glad you resumed taking meds…..hang in there and thanks for asking how we are!!!! You are such a sweetie. Not many bloggers would do that. ((((hugs)))) & as bipolaronfire wrote, please keep writing so we can root for you!


  2. This is a vulnerable time of year for many with the time change, days getting shorter, etc. I’m glad you’re taking your medication again. I think it’s a wise choice. Keep writing so we can keep supporting you, dear!


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