This isn’t a bash Beyoncé post, because I love Beyoncé, but this is a post that is going to sound pretty weird…

I hate this song because I am NOT FLAWLESS. AT ALL.

I woke up like this:



Songs nowadays make you want to be this AWESOME I DON’T NEED NO ONE NOTHING IS EVER WRONG person, but the truth this…that is not the truth. I wake up hating life, hating my situation, looking horrible, but the songs right now aren’t on my level. How is this helping out our world when all anyone can think of is materialistic things?

Am I going about this the wrong way? Should I use these songs are ANTHEMS? How do you when you can’t relate..

One song I HATED was Pharrell’s Happy because I was never happy, and the damn song was everywhere!!

Are there any songs that you hate because they make you feel blah? Are there any that are your anthems?

2 thoughts on “When MUSIC ATTACKS!

  1. I don’t listen to any of the new shit! Maybe I’m missing out -I probably am (i.e. I’m curious about Lourde since I love many New Zealand musicians’ work, but I haven’t heard a peep of her music!

    I listen to all my old stuff! It’s enough…for now, anyway.

    p.s. you’re not going about this the wrong way and please, don’t put any pressure on yourself to use any of the Flawless-style music as an anthem!

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