Don’t be drunk, said the adult.

Drunk posts are fun. They remind you that what you did the pervious day was adolescent and risky, and made you feel okay. Some don’t, but this one is.

(Remember, your body is getting old and can’t handle the same it did when you were 18. Remember you have a mental illness that effected by drinking. You can’t and shouldn’t be drinking heavily, dancing until dawn, laughing about silly sayings, and loving the moment.)Even though, these moments are so few and far between…(don’t.)

(To live healthy is to live smart.)

To live is…to live. I hate the voice inside me.

One thought on “Don’t be drunk, said the adult.

  1. ” To live is to to live”. I love that. It is very simple, but encapsulates a lot of mental illness. We must feel alive to live, or we won’t.


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