Spirituality and who??

Today I visited a family member that lives now lives in a senior citizen community, and I was talking to him about how I am feeling depressed about my life…

We somehow got onto the subject of spirituality. I told him that I am not spiritual at all. It kind of choked me up talking about it. Talking about NOT being spiritual always has made me feel on the verge of crying, but I never do…


Why do I feel like something is missing everyday? Could it be that I not doing what GOD tells me to do and that’s why I feel bad? Could it be that not being about to believe in anything has me falling deeply into shit? Could it be that I really don’t believe in anything humans say it right or wrong? I mean how do I know what is right for me in a spiritual sense??

What does spirituality do to the mentally illed??


…and where can I get some….

10 thoughts on “Spirituality and who??

  1. When times are tough, I often hear, “I’ll pray for you”. I want to punch them in the face. I am spiritual. I believe in a higher power but my upbringing in the Roman Catholic faith had left me empty. If god loves his children and doesn’t give you more than you can handle, why have I had to be dragged from the brink so many times? Why am I left to suffer the way I suffer? I can’t handle this which is why I keep breaking down so to those around me that will pray for me, be there to support me, talk to me, it will do a heck of a lot more than you walking away from me to throw a prayer my way.


    • Omg I’m going to make a post about that. I love what you just said and I totally agree with you. Coming from you who is religious just made me really think about the topic…


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